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Information about the course

Speed matters: it will not be enough for companies to recover export revenues gradually as the crisis abates. They will need to fundamentally rethink their revenue profile, to position themselves for the long term and to get ahead of the competition.
To do this companies must SHAPE up.

Start-up mindset. This favors action over
research, and testing over analysis

Human at the core. Companies will need to
rethink their operating model based on how their people work best

Acceleration of digital, tech, and analytics.
It’s already a cliché: the COVID-19 crisis has
accelerated the shift to digital

Purpose-driven remote-selling. Companies
need to understand what customers will value.

Ecosystems and adaptability. Given crisis related
disruptions in supply chains and
channels, adaptability is essential.

Is this course for you?

If you've answered "I can't" to any of the questions above, then this is the right course for you.

Learning Objectives

  • The Growth Initiative provides a complete program for turning Industrie 4.0 Knowledge into Business Results. This enables the Virtual Team to understand its value and area of usage.

  • By understanding areas of usage internal needs are revealed and speed of improved innovation is increased.

  • The Initiative has the following Objectives.:

  • Transfer best-practice i4.0 knowledge to solution seekers.
  • Understand current digital exporting challenges which i4.0 can address.
  • Discovering i4.0 solutions which work and show high revenue potential
  • Validate the strategic and operational Exporting Action Plan
  • Exporting the i4.0 Use Cases for becoming a “Industrie 4.0 Exporting Master”

  • Learning Result: Rapidly Moving i4.0 revenue Ideas from inception to Implementation

Content and Description

This Initiative will provide you with the insight with the following : Webinars/Workshops

Webinar 1: Introducing the Digital Exporting Approach (1h)
Webinar 2: Forming Virtual teams

Phase 1: Awareness
Workshop 1: Digital Exporting Best practices (2h)
Workshop 2: Industrie 4.0 Transformation (1,5h)
Workshop 3: Digital Leadership (1,5h)

Phase 2: Assessment
Workshop 4: Objectives & Scope (2h)
Workshop 5: Explore Market (2h)
Workshop 6: Finding Revenue ideas (2h)
Workshop 7: Evaluating Revenue ideas (2h)
Workshop 8: Creating Export Growth Strategy (2h)

Phase 3: Implementation
Workshop 9: Remote Sales Playbook (2h)
Workshop 10: Strategic Partnerships (2h)

As this Initiative is designed to facilitate dynamic learning for team co-creation, it enables participants see the opportunities of this Digital Exporting Program in their specific work environment . Therefore, this provides a unique opportunity to come away from this Initiative with all the information you need

Duration 12 weeks
Cost 5000.0€ incl. VAT
Difficulty Easy

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