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Information about the course

Continuous Engineering Lifecycle Management
helps teams manage the complexity of developing smart, connected products.
With this cloud-based solution, system and software developers can meet requirements, efficiently respond to changes, and create a high-quality design faster, while controlling development costs and meeting compliance requirements.
The solution's seamlessly integrated tools cover the entire system and software development cycle, including requirements management, modeling and simulation, quality management, configuration management, and team workflow planning and management.

Is this course for you?

If you've answered "I can't" to any of the questions above, then this is the right course for you.

Learning Objectives

  • The @Tutorial on-demand provides a short introduction to the technologies and their management challenges. This enables the i4.0 Project Team to understand its value and area of usage.

  • By understanding areas of usage internal needs are revealed and speed of improved innovation is increased.

  • The @Tutorial has the following Objectives.:

  • Transfer best-practice i4.0 knowledge to solution seekers.
  • Understand current challenges which i4.0 can address.
  • Discovering i4.0 solutions which work and show high performance
  • Validate the strategic and operational usage of the Industrie 4.0 Technologies
  • Implementing the i4.0 Use Cases for becoming a “Industrie 4.0 Master”

  • Learning Result: Rapidly Moving i4.0 Ideas from inception to Implementation

Content and Description

This #Tutorial will provide you with the insight into the following Module:

Module: Continuous Engineering
>Strengthen Competitiveness by faster improvement cycles

Defining Generative Design
Continuous Engineering Introduction
Business Impact of smart connected products
Design Choices of smart connected products
The IOT Innovation Matrix
Identify Customer Requirements: GE Aviation
Identify Customer Requirements: DePuy
Design the Digital Value Loop
The Continuous Engineering Process
Converging all AM Technologies

As this #Tutorial is designed to facilitate dynamic learning for team co-creation, it enables participants see the opportunities of this i4.0 solution in their specific work environment . Therefore, this provides a unique opportunity to come away from this #Tutorial with all the information you need.

Duration 2 hours
Cost 34.0€ incl. VAT
Difficulty Intermediate

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