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The Digital Leader: 
Value Network leaders of Industrie 4.0 face the following new challenges:

Virtual Team leaders close to the value exchanges are empowered to make decisions within the common goal established. To make decisions that bring the target mutual value, they have to understand the value that each member of their team is trying to achieve.

Because the information needed to make effective decisions is about the present and the future, the leader can’t rely on yesterday’s information; they must be constantly sifting through information passing across the Value Network to identify and act on the weak signals of future change.

The most sustainable competitive advantage in the value network is the ability to understand customer and other stakeholder insights, and to be the first mover in acting on those insights to deliver new value.

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Learning Objectives

  • 1) Leading Beyond the Edge. Digital Age tools enable you to lead beyond your unit, organization, and geography, to provide innovative solutions to customers and other stakeholders.

  • 2)Building Deep Trust Relationships. In the Digital Age, trust replaces formal authority as the basis for leadership.

  • 3) Forming and Leading Virtual Teams. By recognizing that the Digital Age relentlessly shrinks time and space, virtual teams – when properly formed and led – turn this compression into an advantage over traditional teams.

  • 4)Collaborating and Co-Creating the Future. Multi-organizational value networks, formed from a portfolio of relationships with customers and stakeholders, are replacing traditional, single-company-owned, linear value chains. This new business model requires leaders to adopt a “co-creation mindset.”

  • 5)Learning Dynamically. The only sustainable competitive advantage in the Digital Age is the capability to learn, adapt, implement, and learn as you go, faster and better than your competitors.

Content and Description

This course will provide you with the insight into the following Modules:

Module 1: Industrie 4.0 Transformation
>Understanding the potential the I4.0 Transformation
-Industrie 4.0: Technology Evolution
-Industrie4.0: Geographic Scope
-Industrie 4.0: Organizational Evolution
-Industrie 4.0: Leading Digital
-Industrie 4.0: Up-Skilling-as-a-Strategy
-The Industrie 4.0 Transformation

Module 2: Digital Leadership
>Getting to know the different Digital Leadership Capabilities
-Leadership in the Digital Age
-Agile Organization Principles
-Changing Manager Roles
-Dynamic Learning & Improvement
-The Agile Scrum Roles
-The Agile Scrum Meetings
-The Agile Scrum Management Practice
-The Agile IOT Implementation

Module 3: Digital Entrepreneurship
>Discover the Start-up Roadmap for Success
-The Start-up Roadmap
-Build the Value Proposition
-Vision, Mission, Culture
-Hiring Talents
-Turning-Products into companies
-Industrie 4.0 Business Models
-Go-to-Market Strategy & Tactics
-Funding Strategies

Module 4:Design Thinking
>Getting to know the Design Thinking Principles & Process
-The Introduction to Design Thinking
-Defining a Problem and Creating a Team
-Research and Refine the Problem
-Ideation and Synthesis
-Prototyping and Testing

Module 5: Smart Factory
>Getting to know how to make existing factories smart
-The Smart Connected Factory
-ERP System
-Manufacturing Execution System
-CPS and Digital Twin Design
-Cyber Physical Systems
-Smart Connected Factories Integration (Vertical, horizontal, end-to-end)

Module 6: Industrial Internet-of-Things
>Understanding the Potential of the Industrial IoT
-The IOT Solution Introduction
-The IOT Industry Applications
-The IOT Architecture
-The IOT Implementation
-Smart Connected Product Transformation
-Competing with IIOT
-Organizing for IIOT

Module 7: Cybersecurity
>Identify the risks and treats to Industrie 4.0
-Introduction to Cybersecurity
-Cyber Security Cases
-The Threat Spectrum
-The Basic Organizational Concept
-The Concept of Cyber War
-Threat Escalations
-Personal Strategies

Module 8: Organizational Adoption
>Identify the challenges and opportunities to Industrie 4.0 Adoptions
-IOT Opportunities & Challenges
-Enterprise System Applications
-Up-Skilling for Industrie 4.0
-Competences for Industrie 4.0
-Change of Work
-Industrie 4.0 Implementation
-Strategies for Organizations

As this course is designed to have e-learning preparation, limited group sizes for life lecture and breakout sessions for deep dive team co-creation, it enables participants to ‘ask the expert’ questions specific to their needs.
Therefore, this provides a unique opportunity to come away from this course with all the information you need.

Duration 4 Weeks/1 Presence Day per week
Cost 2000.0€ incl. VAT
Difficulty Intermediate

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