#Course: Design for Additive Manufacturing

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Information about the course

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a term used to described the set of manufacturing processes that progressively add layers of material to manufacture your products, and it could change the way you go about engineering your products. Instead of being held back by manufacturing constraints, you can design the component you need, focused only on the function it requires to perform and meet clients’ needs. You have full control over the interior structure of the part, so you can include voids, lattices, and other hard-to-manufacture structural components that can help cut down on material use and increase functionality. Subassemblies that used to require multiple parts can be combined into a single component. You can customize everything you make to suit your individual customers’ preferences. With all the recent innovations in the additive manufacturing industries, now is the time to consider additive as a viable alternative to traditional manufacturing approaches and how to best take advantage of the design freedom it offers.

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Learning Objectives

  • 1) Understanding the AM Technology
  • -Understand the future of manufacturing
  • -Explain AM Technology
  • -Identify AM Process Steps
  • -Compare conventional manufacturing & AM

  • 2) Apply Technical and Design Methods
  • -Integrate Design in the AM Value Loop
  • -Mastering 3-D Modeling
  • -Immersive Design
  • -Collaborative Design
  • -Generative Design
  • -Continues Engineering

  • 3)Apply part assessment for AM
  • -Evaluate AM parts
  • -Use design methods on AM Examples

  • 4)Understand possibilities & limitations of AM design
  • -Know the methods to create own Design Rules

Content and Description

This course will provide you with the insight into the following AM Modules:

Module 1: Future of making things
>Understanding the Potential of the AM Value Creation Loop
-Scope of Generative Design & AM Manufacturing
-The Manufacturing Segments
-Manufacturing is a dynamic Global Eco-System
-What is the Future in Manufacturing
-What is the Future of Design
-What is your Future in Design & Manufacturing

Module 2: Additive Manufacturing
>Getting to know the different Additive Manufacturing (AM) Processes
-AM Introduction
-The Importance of AM
-Overview of AM Processes
-Extrusion (FFF/FDM)
-Powder Bed Fusion (SLS/SLM)
-Emerging AM Process Technologies
-AM Conclusion

Module 3:AM Transformation
>Creating the AM Value Loop
-Set-up the Design Tool ThinkerCad
-The AM Value Loop Process
-The AM Idea Phase
-The AM Concept Phase
-The AM Prototype Phase
-The AM Verification Phase
-The AM Disruptive AM Business Model
-Working with ThinkerCad

Module 4: Mastering 3D Modelling
>Becoming familiar with basic 3D Modeling  
-Set-up Design Tool Blender
-Knowing the System Inputs
-Object Transformation
-Object Modification
-Create first 3 D Models
-Modification of 3 D Model
-Design with 3D Prin in Mind
-Preparing Model for 3d Printing
-3 D Printing the Model

Module 5: Immersive Design
>Introduction to Immersive Design
- What is Immersive Design?
-The AR Workflow
-3 D Modeling for AR
-UV Unwrapping
-Texturing & Rigging
-Animation for AR
-From Blender to Unity & HoloLens

Module 6: Collaborative Design
>Internal and External Cooperation for AM Design
-Set-up the OnShape Design Tool
-3 D Design Collaboration
-Creating Sketches and Objects
-Adding Features
-3D Tidbits
-View and Orientation

Module 7: Generative Design
>Increase your Innovation Capacity wit Generative Design
-Set-up the Generate Design Tool
-Generative Design Technology
-Converting 3 D Model to Generative Design
-Understanding Generative Design
-Increase Innovation Capacity
-Run a Generative Design Project

Module 8: Continuous Engineering
>Continuous Engineering to drive the industry specific 3 D Value Creation Loop
-Continuous Engineering for IoT
-Continuous Design Engineering Process
-IoT meets Generative Design
-Accelerate 3 D Technology
-IoT Design Loops-Industry Examples : Aviation, Mining, Truck, Farming, Train

Duration 4 Weeks/1 Presence Day per week
Cost 2000.0€ incl. VAT
Difficulty Easy

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