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Information about the course

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the application of the generic Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in an industrial context. In the IoT world, any ‘thing’ buildings, animals, machines, process equipment, medical devices, etc. use sensors to collect data and send this data to whoever or whatever needs it.
In the Industrial Internet of Things scenario, machines, computers, people and businesses interact and generate data across the entire value chain stretching from suppliers to the end customers and including all the processes, plant and people in between that constitute the manufacturing enterprise.
IoT can benefit both large and small enterprises as they transition into the I4.0 digital era.

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Learning Objectives

  • 1) Understanding the Industrial IoT
  • -Understand the IOT value loop
  • -Discover the IIOT technologies
  • -Apply design thinking for IIoT
  • -Craft an IIOT architecture for smart connected products
  • -Gain digital leadership capabilities

  • 2)Apply the IIOT Value Loop
  • -Data & Sensors
  • -Communication & Networks
  • -IoT Platforms & Scalability
  • -Augmented Intelligence & Analytics
  • -Augmented Behavior & Actions
  • -Cybersecurity

  • 3) Apply IIoT maturity assessment
  • -Hardware
  • -Software
  • -Communication
  • -Analytics
  • -Applications

  • 4) Understand the Opportunities of IIOT
  • -Know the potential functionalities: Monitoring, control, autonomy

Content and Description

This course will provide you with the insight into the following Modules:

Module 1: Industrial Internet-of-Things
>Understanding the Potential of the Industrial IoT
-The IOT Solution Introduction
-The IOT Industry Applications
-The IOT Architecture
-The IOT Implementation
-Smart Connected Product Transformation
-Competing with IIOT
-Organizing for IIOT

Module 2: Continuous Engineering
>Continuous Creation of innovative IIoT/AI Solutions
-Continuous Engineering Introduction
-Business Impact of smart connected products
-Design Choices of smart connected products
-The IoT Design Thinking Approach
-Identify Customer Requirements
-IoT Design Planning Template
-The continuous engineering process

Module 3: Data & Sensors
>Discover the new possibilities of Sensors and Systems
-Sensor Electronics
-End of Line Things
-Local Data Communication
-Intermediary devices
-Processes and Systems
-IOT Sensor Design Process

Module 4: Communication & Network
>Becoming familiar with Communication & Network Technologies
-Data Networks
-Packet Switching
-Converged Networks & Gateways
-Networking Models & Standards
-IoT protocols
-IOT Network Design

Module 5: IoT Platforms & Scalability
>Introduction to global IoT Platforms
-IOT Platform Architecture
-IOT Edge Computing
-The Data Lake
-Digital Twin
-The Predix Cloud

Module 6: Augmented Intelligence & Analytics
>Understanding Big Data and Analytics/Machine Learning
-Importance of Data
-Artificial Intelligence
-Big DATA Overview
-Predictive Analytics of Fleets
-Machine Learning & AI
-Knowledge Conversion

Module 7: Augmented Behavior & Action
>Increase your capability of employees and machines
-The Future of Computing
-Virtual Reality
-Modern Workplace
-Experience Digital in Physical Context
-Augmented Reality/IoT Project Planning
-Augmented Reality/IoT Project Implementation

Module 8: Organizational Adoption
>Identify the challenges and opportunities to Industrie 4.0 Adoptions
-IOT Opportunities & Challenges
-Enterprise System Applications
-Up-Skilling for Industrie 4.0
-Competences for Industrie 4.0
-Change of Work
-Industrie 4.0 Implementation
-Strategies for Organizations

As this course is designed to have e-learning preparation, limited group sizes for life lecture and breakout sessions for deep dive team co-creation, it enables participants to ‘ask the expert’ questions specific to their needs.
Therefore, this provides a unique opportunity to come away from this course with all the information you need.

Duration 4 Weeks/1 Presence Day per week
Cost 2000.0€ incl. VAT
Difficulty Intermediate

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