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Information about the course

Smart Factory
is a term from research in the field of manufacturing technology for global mass-production and local Micro-plants..

It is part of the German government's high-tech strategy as part of the future project Industry 4.0. This is now adopted worldwide.
The @Tutorial guides the company employees to assess the current state of the factory and IT System and shows how to create a production product & Supply chain Roadmap for Industrie 4.0.

It describes the vision of a production environment in which production facilities and logistics systems largely organize themselves without human intervention.
The @Tutorial introduces a toolbox to create smart factories and smart connected products in co-creation

The networking of embedded production systems and dynamic business and engineering processes enables a profitable production of products even with individual customer requests up to lot size 1.
The @Tutorials focuses on transforming the current global mass-fabrication and on building of local micro-factories 4.0 with the i4.0 technologies.

Technical basis are cyber-physical systems, which communicate with each other with the help of the Internet of things.
The @Tutorials provides a Management –Framework for profitable Transformation Projects.

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Learning Objectives

  • The @Tutorial on-demand provides a short introduction to the technologies and their management challenges. This enables the i4.0 Project Team to understand its value and area of usage.

  • By understanding areas of usage internal needs are revealed and speed of improved automation is increased.

  • The @Tutorial has the following Objectives.:

  • Understand current challenges which i4.0 can address
  • Discovering the Root Causes for Change
  • Evaluate the strategic and operational usage of the Industrie 4.0 Technologies
  • Exploring the i4.0 Solution Space with Use Cases for becoming a “Industrie 4.0 Master”

  • Learning Result: Rapidly Moving i4.0 Ideas from inception to Implementation

Content and Description

This @Tutorial will provide you with the insight into the following Manufacturing 4.0 Module:

Module : Smart Factory
>Getting to know how to make existing factories smart
-The Smart Connected Factory
-ERP System
-Manufacturing Execution System
-CPS and Digital Twin Design
-Cyber Physical Systems
-Smart Connected Factories Integration (Vertical, horizontal, end-to-end)
-Micro-Factory Roadmap

As this self-service @Tutorial is designed to address challenges and specific up-skilling needs on-demand.
Therefore, this provides a unique opportunity to come away from reviewing this @Tutorial with all the information you need.

Duration 2 hours
Cost 34.0€ incl. VAT
Difficulty Easy

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