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Information about the course

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the term given to the current era of technologically driven upheaval through which we are living. There is a recognition that what we are experiencing will lead to fundamental changes in economics, society, politics and indeed manufacturing. For the first time we are faced with a technology set capable of mechanizing human intellectual labour.
In all likelihood the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its successors, will ultimately have a greater impact, both industrially and societally, than the first 3, given the deep entanglement between our definition of humanity and our intellect.

Is this course for you?

If you've answered "I can't" to any of the questions above, then this is the right course for you.

Learning Objectives

  • 1) Understanding the I 4.0 Transformation
  • -Understand the Industrie 4.0 Evolution
  • -Analyze the drivers and enables
  • -Identify the opportunities & risks
  • - Manufacture with cyber-phyisical system
  • -Automate with Robotics

  • 2) Apply Industrie 4.0 Methods
  • -Big Data Analytics
  • -AI & Machine Learning
  • -Process Management
  • -Blockchain
  • -Augmented Reality
  • -Cyber Security

  • 3) Apply Industrie 4.0 maturity assessment
  • -Production Processes
  • -Supply Chain
  • -Products

  • 4) Understand possibilities & limitations Manufacturing 4.0
  • -Know the methods to create own Industrie 4.0 Transformation Roadmap

Content and Description

This course will provide you with the insight into the following Modules:

Module 1: Industrie 4.0 Transformation
>Understanding the potential the I4.0 Transformation
-Industrie 4.0: Technology Evolution
-Industrie4.0: Geographic Scope
-Industrie 4.0: Organizational Evolution
-Industrie 4.0: Leading Digital
-Industrie 4.0: Up-Skilling-as-a-Strategy
-The Industrie 4.0 Transformation

Module 2: Smart Factory
>Getting to know how to make existing factories smart
-The Smart Connected Factory
-ERP System
-Manufacturing Execution System
-CPS and Digital Twin Design
-Cyber Physical Systems
-Smart Connected Factories Integration (Vertical, horizontal, end-to-end)

Module 3: Robotics & Automation
>Discover the new possibilities of Robotics and machine-human interfaces
-Robotics & Automation
-Implementing Automation
-Why Automate?
-Articulated Robots
-Accuracy and Calibration
-Gripping and advanced Manipulators

Module 4: Big Data & AI
>Becoming familiar with Big Data & Artificial Intelligence 
-Importance of Data for Insights
-Artificial Intelligence fundamentals
-Big DATA Overview
-Predictive Analytics of Fleets
-Machine Learning & AI
-Knowledge Conversion

Module 5: Process & Blockchain
>Introduction to Process Management & Blockchain
-Business Process Overview
-Knowledge-intensive Business Processes
-Product Lifecycle Management
-Process Management Automation
-Blockchain & Digital Transformation
-How Blockchain Works
-How Blockchain reduces uncertainty
-Smart Contracts
-The Blockchain Technology
-The Blockchain Use Cases

Module 6: Mobile & Cloud Computing
>Understanding Cloud & Mobile Computing
-Evolution of mobile computing
-Mobile Computing & Industrie 4.0
-Defining Cloud computing
-Cloud Transformation
-Cloud Knowledge Platform
-Cloud Future
-Knowledge Value Creation: The Smart Grid

Module 7: Augmented Reality & IoT
>Increase your Innovation Capacity wit AR & IoT
-The Future of Computing
-Virtual Reality
-Modern Workplace
-Experience Digital in Physical Context
-Augmented Reality/IoT Project Planning
-Augmented Reality/IoT Project Implementation

Module 8: Cybersecurity
>Identify the risks and treats to Industrie 4.0
-Introduction to Cybersecurity
-Cyber Security Cases
-The Threat Spectrum
-The Basic Organizational Concept
-The Concept of Cyber War
-Threat Escalations
-Personal Strategies

As this course is designed to have e-learning preparation, limited group sizes for life lecture and breakout sessions for deep dive team co-creation, it enables participants to ‘ask the expert’ questions specific to their needs.
Therefore, this provides a unique opportunity to come away from this course with all the information you need.

Duration 4 Weeks/1 Presence Day per week
Cost 2000.0€ incl. VAT
Difficulty Easy

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